It’s no secret that Big Data is high on the agenda for leaders in Beijing. The sector has been highlighted in numerous national party and government reports, is the subject of a 5-year development plan, and forms a fundamental component in related digitalisation-centred “Internet Plus” and Made in China 2025 initiatives. But how do these documents and plans, released to much fanfare, translate into concrete local initiatives to propel the industry forward? And how has local industry and government responded to this call to action?

Local governments have never been far behind Beijing’s series of Big Data-related edicts. Today, they…

The adoption of Big Data technology in China is forging ahead at break neck speeds. According to the China Institute of Information Technology, China’s core Big Data industry has averaged yearly growth rate of 38% for the last 5 years. That Big Data has become a national priority is hardly surprising for a country that generates more data than any other in the world, meanwhile is doubling down on new drivers of supply-side reform, for which Big Data is a new engine. …

This piece will discuss the broad incentives and interests that drive Beijing’s decision making in relation to big-data. It will begin by touching on the significance of data in transforming the future of governance, before delving into 3 key tenets of individual, business and government data in China.

At the most basic level, the help of big data can strengthen Xi Jinping’s “top-level design”, that is, central coordination to promote technological innovation, economic efficiency and political stability.

China’s leaders are already widely implementing big data tools to compensate for China’s ‘state-directed capitalism’ model and state-owned enterprises that are not using…

China Data Governance

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